• mansikkatj

Who are we fighting anyway?

1) ANTIFA-Uses Violence to support their gains

2) BLM- Uses Violence to support their gains

3) Neo Bolsheviks- Uses Violence to support their gains

4) Communist China- Funds all the above to take a hold of the US and Us business and society.

5) The United States Democrat Party- Funds and used funds from BLM to gain political power under the guise of freedom and charity. Used ANTIFA as their violent arm to force their gains. ACTBLUE is the Democrat Fundrasing arm. Directly tied to BLM

We believe these organizations have only 1 goal. Destroy the Constitution of the United States so they can facilitate the downfall of our country. We are asking everyone to remove the vail and see what is really going on. They have not won this war and they will continue to create battles where they can have the upper hand, the soft targets and the soft hearts. The blind individuals are supporting this war and do not see their deeds as Evil.

Please support FIT in this time of heavy opposition to Liberty and Justice for ALL.

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