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Slow but sure the criminal outcasts of ANTIFA and BLM are being put where they belong ...the Jail and prison.

Unfortunately for them….there is no escaping their crimes due to social media and cameras everywhere. The crimes they commit may only have a few years sentence, however they will forever be locked in the lower class due the decisions they have made.

Here are the unfortunate costs to Tax Paying Americans who work hard, uphold our freedoms and continue to push for God Given Rights supported by our Constitution.

1. These criminals will forever be tied to welfare and government systems. This will cost Americans greatly.

2. Their children will most likely grow up in poverty. More welfare to be handed out for their costs.

3. As they age American Taxes will need to pay their health care.

4. They will remain in poverty and will continue to be angered by the system that helped create their mentality.

5. They will never really know freedom because they will always be tied to the system they oppose.

6. While in Prison they will become entrenched in the criminal system where they will learn how to become better criminals and will work for the gangs in various ways.

Here are some news articles regarding:

Antifa member gets six years in prison for splitting man's head open (

Antifa Member Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison for Brutal Beating that Nearly Killed Trump Supporter (

Antifa rioter convicted of felony arson for throwing IED at officer, setting Portland police building on fire | The Post Millennial

Antifa and BLM Rioters Are Finally Going to Prison | Restoring Liberty (

Left Wing Rioter Who Handed Out Explosives In Minneapolis Sentenced To Nine Years In Federal Prison (

BLM rioter who set Minneapolis store on fire sentenced to almost 9 years in prison (

BLM rioter sentenced to 5 years in prison for setting Portland police building on fire | The Post Millennial

BLM ‘Security Guard’ Sentenced to Prison for Drop Kicking Man in Head (

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