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Republican Party Scores Another Win

More positive news for the New Republican party. The Rinos are being displaced by the piece. As our country slides into a recession, community’s fall to crime, and a wave of slave labor arises from the southern border. The republicans with a weakness to push forward and uphold the constitution slowly bow out.

This week Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (R-Ohio) announced his retirement. He is a two-term member of Congress who is seeing pressure from a Trump endorsed replacement Max Miller.

Ohio Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (R) announced his retirement on Thursday, declining to run against a Trump-backed primary challenger in 2022.

Why it matters: Gonzalez has suffered politically since siding with House Democrats to impeach the 45th president after the Capitol riot.

Details: The two-term congressman largely supported Trump's agenda — up until the former president tried to block the election certification, per the New York Times.

• Gonzalez is one of 10 House Republicans who voted for impeachment.

• The Ohio Republican Party censured Gonzalez and called on him to resign.

• Trump, who called Gonzalez a "sellout," endorsed GOP challenger and former White House aide Max Miller in February.

Lets keep the New Republican Party on the move and support Max Miller.

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