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Racism = Racism = Inclusion+Diversity

When Racism takes on a new identity it’s usually under the guise of Supremacy of one race over another. When spoken or written is comes in the form of "The KKK" or "White Nationalists" and sometimes under "The White Male Privilege"

It never seems to come under things like Affirmative Action, or Allocation of Resources to Minority individuals...but these descriptions and practices are just a Raciest as the KKK.

Today however, we have outclassed the Marxist and Far Lefts again.

Another battle won for the War against American principals of Equality under the Law.

What kind of victory? may ask.

A Small but notable victory against the Marxist Left and the Race baiters of old.

A $10,000,000 law Suit against "Reverse Discrimination" this a win against the words of inclusion and diversity which are raciest to the core but dressed up like a whore in church.

See the Article here.

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