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Parents Continue to WIN

Critical Race Theory a marxist idea is loosing traction within our communities. Parents are pushing back on marxists school boards who use propaganda and fear to control our children.

We will win the war on america by taking back our political structure that has been infected with marxist ideas.

What are these boards and how do they control local politics?

These boards are corporate bodies created for the purpose of implementing state legislative policy public orginizations and locally administering the state's systems.

Board members are elected state officers who act under color of state law when conducting the official business of the state.

The exercise of the local board's authority must be predicated upon an express or implied delegation of authority from the legislature.

The authority of the local board lies in its status as a corporate body created by the state legislature, an actual meeting of the board is an essential prerequisite to official action.

Individual board members are not vested with powers outside their role as a member of the local board, although the board is often vested with power to ratify the actions of its members.

School boards in specific:

Function as legislative, executive, and quasi-judicial agencies.

They must develop, implement, and assess policy; institute sound employee relations; conduct open meetings; recognize and conform to the legal mandates imposed by state and federal laws; and govern within the limits of a delegation of state authority.

Additionally, the board has an obligation to assess its successes and failures; inform the public of all deliberations and decisions; promote accountability; avoid abuse of power; enhance public understanding of its mission; conform to standards of ethical behavior; provide a framework for setting goals; and develop strategic plans for the accomplishment of those goals.

To win this war against the Marxist we must balance these boards with values from our community.

you can help by getting elected to these boards, no pay but great responsibilities to save america.

Help fight the WAR.

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