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The Decline of American Business!

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Look around at the products you buy. What do you see? Where are they made? I recently decided to look for a pair of cowboy boots, I found a number of good quality name brand boots. I soon realized that they were all made in China. No big deal right, I mean they need to be made in a forign company to keep the costs down and they are sold in a Store run and owned by americans.

Thats the problem our country has millions of bussiness's that are running on cheep Chineese goods and It is making americans very wealthy. It is also making America very dependent on the Chineese cheep goods. Just look at the companys selling $Billions and $Billions worth of cheep Chineese products. Amazon, Wallmart, Target and Many mom and pop outlets. The Chineese own us. We buy these products with Credit Cards which costs us more.

What Can I Do?

  1. Try To buy products Made in the USA as many as possible. If we all do this we start the change America back $1 at a time.

  2. Shop at Local Mom and Pop places that stock American Made products. Support your local farmers markets, and non-chain stores and restraunts.

  3. Ask you local non-chain stores to set up a Made In USA section to help ween them off Chineese products.

  4. Go on-line and buy Made In USA products.

Resist, The Chinesee influx of control over the US.

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