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JOE Marx

You cannot have EQUALITY without LIBERTY

What is liberty and how is it being destroyed? Who is destroying it? Why are they destroying it?

Liberty is: The quality or state of being free. The power to do as one pleases. Freedom from physical restraint. Freedom from arbitrary control. The positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges. The power of choice

Eliminating personal liberty like the mandate of this vaccine, the Biden administration and its various agencies have forced upon us a medical procedure under the guise of Safety of the many.

The Founding Fathers knew the dangers of tyrants, but the modern world, misguided with the ideologies of Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Rousseau, Marx, Freud, Pol Pot, Mao Tse-tung and their grandchildren (i.e., the ones preaching Critical (Race) Theory), has simply made the state religious and given government power to do what it pleases.

In the days of Covid, we have seen supreme authority ceded to governing authorities, but especially the CDC. Consequently, the government is no longer a servant of the people; it has become a master of the people.

Biden and the Democrats want to reinstate the Devine Rights of Kings to do so they need to destroy American Constitution and this is what needs to be attacked.

1. The Family

Marx admits that “Abolition of the family! Even the most radical flare up at this infamous proposal of the Communists,”

“On what foundation is the present family based? On capital, on private gain. In its completely developed form, this family exists only among the bourgeoisie,” he writes

2. Individuality

Marx believed individuality was antithetical to the egalitarianism he envisioned. Therefore, the “individual” must “be swept out of the way, and made impossible.”

Individuality was a social construction of a capitalist society and was deeply intertwined with capital itself.

3. Eternal Truths

Marx did not appear to believe that any truth existed beyond class struggle.

“‘Undoubtedly,’ it will be said, ‘religious, moral, philosophical, and juridical ideas have been modified in the course of historical development. But religion, morality, philosophy, political science, and law, constantly survived this change.

There are, besides, eternal truths, such as Freedom, Justice, etc., that are common to all states of society. But Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis; it therefore acts in contradiction to all past historical experience.’

4. Nations

“The working men have no country. We cannot take from them what they have not got.

5. The Past

Marx saw tradition as a tool of the Family. “the past dominates the present; in Communist society, the present dominates the past.”

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