• mansikkatj

How to better America, Teach your children personal responsibility.

We need to take back the American Culture that our fellow Americans have worked hard for. We all have had struggles that made us stronger as a people. We must continue to pick ourselves up off the ground when we fall and get up stronger. We must have to moral courage to build ourselves into better people and constantly strive to better our society.

How can we do this, how can we continue to move forward when the current powers want us to be the VICTIM they choose us to be. Victim mentality has infected our society with great force.

The current democratic government have many of our young believing they are either the Victim of their skin color, Victim of their gender, Victim of their financial status or JUST Victims in general.

Many in American society are now competing for who is more oppressed by the man. Who has it worse and why they have been left behind in society? They all fail to look at their own decisions and do not want to admit the mistakes that have left them with subpar choices to move forward with. Then they would rather cry then take up the moral courage to make better decisions.

To all the Victims in America today I say pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on the bronco and teach your children it is their responsibilty to better themselves and own up to their own mistakes. It has nothing to do with the color of ones skin.

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