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Did Your Vote Count?....One voter frauded is One too many.

Updated: Jun 20

The argument of would there be enough fraud discovered to change the National Election is a moot point. The Electoral College submitted votes and the votes they submitted were clearly for Joe Biden. That’s not what we should be concerned with.

The Fact that voter fraud did occur means that your 1 legal vote was stolen. This should not ever happen again. Every Legal citizen shall have their votes counted and they should not be stolen.

Fraud did occur on a grand scale which changed the course of this Nation….the good news is people are being prosecuted and hopefully they will spend time behind bars.

Here are some videos please watch and some articles to read.

Texas woman pleads guilty 26 voter fraud felonies

Voter fraud is main stage

Facts-matter-june 14 2000 mules team presents evidence of 243 mules

Former congressman plead guilty to election fraud ballot stuffing bribing election officials

2000 mules team presents evidence of 243 mules visiting 5700 drop boxes

2 election judges plead guilty to ballot fraud accepting bribes

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