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America WINS again...."Merica Yah"

Slander and freedom of Speech win again:

On Dec 17 2021 Nicholas Sandmann announced that he had “reached a settlement” with NBC Universal in the lawsuit over its coverage of the teen in a 2019 incident in Washington, D.C.

“NBC Universal created a false narrative by portraying the ‘confrontation’ as a ‘hate crime’ committed by Nicholas,” the suit read, adding that the network relied “heavily on biased and unreliable sources without conducting any reasonable investigation of the circumstances surrounding the January 18 incident.”

Freedom to defend one’s self with a firearm is still alive but being strangled.

A jury found Rittenhouse not guilty of all three charges against him on Friday, putting an end to the trial that caught national attention after the teenager fatally shot Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, and injured Gaige Grosskreutz, then 26.

Pushing Propaganda and lies has been squashed

Former actor Jussie Smollett was found guilty Thursday on five counts of felony disorderly conduct for making false reports to police that he was the victim of a hate crime in January 2019. Smollett—who for nearly three years denied accusations that he hired two brothers as assailants in the alleged attack.

Our constitution is under attack, it is being attacked by powerful organizations and ideologies from within our own country. We could focus on the big money and organizations a fowl but Let us focus on our coworkers and neighbors who have bought into the lie and continue to push these ideas.

Why have they bought in to this propaganda, and why do they continue to push this view even in the face of the many legal losses occurring? I have co-workers so full of hate that they continue to push these ideology’s truly believing they are in the right and don’t see the error of their ways.

They lay under the blanket of freedom provided by this great country but continue to rip holes in the cover. They push the idea that this country is systemically raciest, hell if they don’t have a case they push the “isms”.

They have the full right and responsibility to speak their mind and push their ideas and I would never thwart that right in anyway…but these people continue to push the propaganda. When they are together they reaffirm their values, stroking their hypocrisy.

I believe that these Leftists have had a deep hate of the American values.

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